Ryan Rascher banner imageRyan Rascher, Special Operations Coordinator

Director David E. Hedrick of the University of Missouri’s Fire and Rescue Training Institute (MU FRTI) has announced the appointment of Ryan Rascher to fill the position of Special Operations Coordinator with the Institute. Rascher is a resident of Dexter, Missouri. MU FRTI is a unit of Extension at the University and is charged with the responsibility for providing comprehensive continuing education training to Missouri’s fire service and emergency response personnel. MU FRTI provides training to nearly 14,000 firefighters and emergency responders each year.

Ryan has a Bachelor of Science degree from Columbia Southern University, and has experience as a Master Firefighter and Critical Care Paramedic for the Cape Girardeau Fire Department. He is involved with their regional Technical Rescue and Haz Mat Teams; and a department training specialist in Tech Rescue, Haz Mat and EMS. He is a certified flight Paramedic, and Missouri fire service certifications as a Firefighter II, Fire Investigator, and Fire Instructor II. He is a contract instructor for the National Fire Academy in Emmitsburg, MD.

Regarding Rascher’s appointment as the Special Operations Coordinator, MU FRTI Director Hedrick said, “Ryan’s education and technical rescue background along with his experience as a firefighter and Instructor will be a great asset to MU FRTI. We look forward to his contributions to the Institute.”

Specialist Rascher will officially begin the new position effective July 1, 2015.