Chief officers first-arriving on expanding single- and multi-family residential structure fires are faced with many challenges and often fewer resources than needed for full incident mitigation. This course is designed to refresh students on primary incident management skills while providing the opportunity for hands-on, simulated application. Course topic coverage and computer simulations customized to specific class needs. Topics include: command and control, incident organization, size-up, communications, personnel accountability and incident benchmarking.

Prerequisite: I-200 ICS for Single Resources and Initial Action Incidents or equivalent

Host: Cosby-Helena Fire Protection District 107 South Business Highway 71 Cosby MO

Contact: Blake Brohler at 816-344-0858 or

Sessions:  May 31 18:00-22:00 and June 1  08:00-17:00

Partners: Missouri Division of Fire Safety

Funding provided by the Division of Fire Safety (DFS) and the Missouri Fire Safety Education / Advisory Commission. State Funding sources include the DFS General Revenue (GR) Fire Training Fund and Fire Education Fund.