Taking command at a scene is the easy part, but having a command presence and being able to control the fireground is something very different.  We find too many times that incident commanders get too focused on accountability boards, flow charts, organizational structure sheets and worksheets that they get behind on actually running the call.  The items listed are tools, not what makes an incident run smooth.  Crews must trust the command officer and the command officer must trust the crews, and that trust only comes from good, accurate decisions being made on a consistent basis.  This class will provide incident commanders with the tools to have a command presence, not just a command post at working incidents.  From how to communicate with crews operating to setting up your call to expand if needed, we will teach the students how not get overwhelmed when the call isn’t going just as planned.  Reading smoke, understanding the construction characteristics, allowing crews to work and properly assigning resources are the main focus in this class.

Host: Missouri Division of Fire Safety 13th Floor Jefferson Building, Jefferson City MO

Contact: Greg Landwehr at 573-522-1625 or greg.landwehr@dfs.dps.mo.gov

Sessions: June 4, 2024  08:00-12:00

Partners: Missouri Division of Fire Safety

Funding provided by the Division of Fire Safety (DFS) and the Missouri Fire Safety Education / Advisory Commission. State Funding sources include the DFS General Revenue (GR) Fire Training Fund and Fire Education Fund.