This course is designed to develop the management skills needed by company officers to accomplish assigned tactics at structure fires. Topics include the purpose and use of the Communications Model and the Quick Access Prefire Plan (QAP), implementation of the Command Sequence, selecting the appropriate strategic mode based upon consideration of risk/benefit and available resources, the six steps required to implement the Tactical Action Model, determining the appropriate strategy and tactics, and how to operate within an appropriate Incident Command System (ICS) at a fire in a single-family dwelling.


U.S. National Fire Academy (NFA)

  • This course curriculum is developed and maintained by the National Fire Academy and is delivered in compliance with the standards of the National Fire Academy off-campus program. Courses are registered and approved through the Missouri Division of Fire Safety as the NFA State Training Partner. Upon successful completion of this course participants will receive a National Fire Academy certificate of completion.
  • Antonia Fire Protection District 6633 Moss Hollow Road Antonia MO
  • Contact: Kevin Schnable at (314) 420-0314 or
  • Sessions: March 3  08:00-17:00 and March 4 08:00-12:00
  • Partners: Missouri Division of Fire Safety
  • Funding provided by the Division of Fire Safety (DFS) and the Missouri Fire Safety Education / Advisory Commission. State Funding sources include the DFS General Revenue (GR) Fire Training Fund and Fire Education Fund.