Internal parasite is the number one health issue in sheep and goat production system. This problem has become an obstacle in small ruminant enterprise coupled with the anthelmintic resistance. Producers can no longer rely on anthelmintic treatment alone, hence there is need for integrated approach in sheep and goat parasite control.

Dr. Joan Burke will be discussing "integrated Parasite Management for Sheep and Goats". 

Dr. Burke is a Research Animal Scientist with USDA-ARS since 1999. She conducts research on small ruminants with a focus on holistic gastrointestinal parasite control and has published research articles and fact sheets on the subject.

This webinar is hosted/facilitated by Dr. David Brown (MU Sheep & Goats Specialist).

What you will learn:

Worm Biology, Proper Anthelmintic Use, Genetic Selection/Resistant Breed, Fecal Egg Counts, FAMACHA & Strategic Deworming and many more.

Registration is free but required.


  • USDA/NIFA AWARD NUMBER 2023-70027-40444