Hours: 16 | Prerequisites: Yes | Students: 15–30 | Host requirements: Yes | POST: Yes | CEU: Yes

The learning objective of this course is to reduce the risk of accidents involving responders and citizens by making sure new and existing emergency vehicle drivers develop safe and competent driving skills. This course incorporates the major elements of a comprehensive driver training and safety program, including classroom instruction, a competency course, and testing. The intent of Emergency Vehicle Driver Training is to teach drivers to better use their own thought process and make them aware of the tragedy, financial loss, and legal and moral responsibilities they have when operating emergency vehicles. The course includes an emphasis on properly seated and secured emergency vehicle occupants (seatbelt usage).


  • Participants are required to be licensed and insured to operate motor vehicles.

Missouri Peace Officer Standards and Training (POST)

  • 4 hrs Legal
  • 8 hrs Technical
  • 4 hrs Skill

Continuing education unit (CEU)

  • EMS Preparatory-16

Fee: 0.00

Hosted by: Van Buren Fire Department 1301 Main Street Van Buren MO

Contact: Curt Majors at 870-275-5053 or curt@cmvlimited.com

Sessions: June 21, 2024 18:00-22:00; June 22, 2024 08:00-17:00; June  23, 2024 08:00-12:00

Partners: Highway Safety Grant — Funding provided by the Missouri Department of Transportation Traffic and Highway Safety Division.