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Show-Me REDI will help prepare women in Missouri to take on public office through two tracks: one for those involved in appointed seats and one for those who want to run for an elected position, with the ability to opt in to both.


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  Course Description

Show-Me REDI will help prepare women in Missouri to take on public office through two tracks: one for those involved in appointed seats and one for those who want to run for an elected position, with the ability to opt in to both. 

  Course Organization

Each Module will have independent work, as well as a weekly Live Zoom session to cover all material.

  • Discussions will allow participants to collaborate and develop an in-depth conversation about the subject matter.
  • Pre-Recorded Videos will allow participants to access material at their convenience throughout the week, giving them an opportunity to compile questions for the Live Zoom Sessions.
  • Participants are required to attend 70% of the Live Zoom sessions and complete all independent work within the course.
  • Additional information can be found on the "Course Information" page.


Upon successful completion of the Appointments portion of this course should have a clear understanding of:

  1. Data and Research as it pertains to representation.
  2. The definition of Civil Service.
  3. The contrast between Boards and Commissions.
  4. The definition of representation and its importance in Civil Service.
  5. The definition of effective civil service.

Upon successful completion of the REDI to Run portion of this course should have a clear understanding of:

  1. Building a strong campaign.
  2. Important dates associated with a campaign.
  3. How to use data in a campaign.
  4. Party affiliation.


Amber Childers            

Jennifer Williams          

Elizabeth Anderson      

Julie Riddle                   

Stephanie Schindler     


The fastest, most efficient way to contact the instructors of this course, is by email.  Please allow 24-48 hours for response.

Your email address is the default for communication, so check it regularly.


The purpose of the discussions is to give you an opportunity to learn from each other and explore the topics introduced in the course as a learning community. Sometimes, the act of writing can help us clarify, make connections, and draw implications from our experiences in new ways. 

We acknowledge that everyone's contribution will be unique and particular to their context and experiences. Therefore, we expect and welcome a diversity of contributions and viewpoints. We hope that everyone will bring to the course a posture of curiosity, interest in listening, and willingness to share.

We also expect that participants will bring different prior experiences, interests, and motivations to this course and discussions will reflect this range.


For a successful online course experience, clear, thoughtful communication is essential. Discussion forums and course communications are important venues for exchanging ideas and promoting learning. Your instructor and fellow participants wish to foster a safe and inclusive online learning environment. Constructive criticism and questions are encouraged; however, you will be expected to remain professional and courteous in all of your posts. You are encouraged to comment, question or critique an idea, but you are not to attack an individual.

Our differences, some of which are outlined in the University of Missouri's nondiscrimination statement, will add richness to this learning experience. Please consider that sarcasm and humor can be misconstrued in online interactions and generate unintended disruptions. Working as a community of learners, we can build a polite and respectful course atmosphere. As your instructor, I  reserve the right to delete any forum posts I deem to be inappropriate for the course.

(Adapted  with permission from MU Course Design & Technologies' Online Teaching Foundations)

 Readings, Handouts, and Additional Resources


We value the voice of every student in this course. We embrace our diversity as a group—in race, gender, age, sexual orientation and gender identity, religion, language, ability, culture, ethnicity, socioeconomic and veteran status —as an asset, resource and strength that is critical to our learning experience.  As a result, we are committed to designing inclusive lessons and assignments that encourage diverse perspectives to be recognized and respected, while providing you with the opportunity to speak and be heard, explore your own understanding, and engage with one another.

(Adapted  with permission from MU Teaching for Learning Center’s Teaching and Learning in the Diverse Classroom)

  Technical Requirements

Access our Getting Started with Canvas page from the course menu for short tutorial videos.  

You can also enroll in our student support site for various topic resources including: 

  • How to navigate a Canvas course.
  • Where to find help and resources.
  • How to personalize your online learning experience.
  • Resources and how-to for live Zoom session. 
  • How to participate in groups and discussions.

Download  the Canvas Student App to access your Canvas course from your mobile device.

For the best user experience, we recommend using  Google Chrome as your browser (Safari for Macintosh). If you don't have Google Chrome installed on your computer, you can download the latest version.

If you have technical questions or need additional help, please please email  Canvas Support. You can find more information on the technical requirements on the Canvas website.


We all learn differently, and we want every student to succeed. University of Missouri Extension complies with the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990. If you have a disability and need accommodations in connection with this course, or you need materials in an alternate format, please notify your instructor as soon as possible so that necessary arrangements can be made.

MU Extension Equal opportunity, ADA institution information.

  Course Completion

Successful completion of this course requires completion of all independent assignments and 70% attendance of live Zoom sessions.

  Course Completion Certificate

When you have successfully completed this course, you will be able to access, view and download your course completion certificate. You can reprint your certificate or print a PDF transcript of your MU Extension online courses at any time by logging into your Catalog account.


Show-Me REDI