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Format: Resource Hub
Level: Intermediate
Audience: Online instructors developing new or revising existing courses
Keywords: student support, interaction, engagement, accessibility, structure, continuous improvement, review, QCR

Overview: This resource hub is a repository of materials, references and tools for independent exploration and learning. This site offers a flexible and unstructured learning experience, allowing you to navigate the content at your own pace and explore diverse topics without the constraints of prerequisites or a prescribed sequence. This format encourages self-directed learning, enabling you to delve into the material based on your needs. This site is a resource and guide to help you implement MU Extension's online course continuous improvement process. Your first time using our Course Quality Review process, consider the QCR something to aspire to, not a judgement on your existing course or a barrier to offering your course. Here, you'll find information and resources to support Quality Course Reviews, the foundation of online course continuous improvement.


We have included an example course information/syllabus page in the introduction module.  You can edit and copy/paste here. We recommend you provide the syllabus here, in the introduction module, and as a downloadable pdf on the home page.

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