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Image of the School Nursing a Comprehensive Text book.

"School Nursing: A Comprehensive Text" by Janice Selekman DNSc RN NCSN FNASN, forms the basis of our online continuing education course. This text, in collaboration with the National Association of School Nurses, offers an in-depth exploration of the multifaceted role of a school nurse, extending from foundational practices to roles and functions in various school settings. The curriculum for this course includes managing episodic and chronic illnesses, behavioral issues, legal aspects, and leadership and management strategies within schools.

Developed by experienced school nurses and pediatric specialists, the course leverages the expertise presented in Selekman's comprehensive book. It features modules on health assessments, the development of individualized health plans, and the management of mental health conditions, including adolescent depression. Additionally, it provides insights into contemporary legal issues and current policy statements essential to school nursing. This online program is a valuable tool for school nurses aiming to refine their skills and knowledge, ensuring the highest quality of care in their educational communities.

Course Overview: 

Part 1: The Specialty Practice of School Nursing
Part 2: Legal Foundations for School Nursing
Part 3:  Understanding Students and Families
Part 4: Health Promotion/ Disease Prevention/ Acute Care in Schools
Part 5: Students with Special Healthcare Needs
Part 6: Student Mental and Behavioral Health
Part 7: School Health Management

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