Sunlight Farm Century Farm

A few miles west of the current town of Belgrade, nestled in the Ozark Hills is Sunlight Farm, a Century Farm that is still going strong. This farm has been a working farm since its inception in the early 1900s. Two brothers, Bryce & Chad Nickelson, still raise cattle on the farm and have high hopes that their children will continue the tradition. Listen to Bryce & Chad give the history of Sunlight Farms and what they hope for in the future

Lester Henry 2020 Century Farm Recipient

Just on the edge of Potosi, a century farm sits. It has been in the same family since 1919 and was awarded the title of Century Farm in 2020. This farm has a long history, as it was part of the original Spanish Land Grant to Moses Austin (father of Stephen Austin, known as “The Father of Texas”).

Washington County Century Farms

Year Name Year acquired
2020 Wanda Boone 1902
James E. Henry 1919
2018 Earl L. & Clara C. Province 1918
2016 Larry W. & Jeanette Allen 1913
2014 John MuClure Robinson Jr 1860
Nancy M. Herold 1881
2012 Kelly Bouse 1892
Mary Ann Summers 1907
Neil David Merrill 1908
2011 Jesse Wilkinson 1911
2010 Christopher Bryan Lands 1907
2007 Cliff Harmon 1892
Ronald Pierce 1907
2001 Abbie Bast 1890
Ruth Emmeline Robinson/Henderson 1845
1998 John & Dorothy Cordia 1891
1997 Dorothy Casey Watson, Tom & Melba Casey 1847
1996 Lee C. & Margaret E. Higginbotham 1896
Johnny C. & Lois Harmon 1881
1995 Dennis & Jane Dee 1874
1994 Lawrence N. Shipp 1888
1993 Inice G. & Willa Vineyard 1862
Russel Allen 1888
1991 William H. Puckett 1889
1989 Cynthia Smalley 1851
Robert Letcher 1879
1986 Virgil A. Smith Jr.  
Janet L. Smith 1878
Frank Monroe  
Carl James & Ruth Hockinghomer  
1976 Marie & Cecil Sutton 1874
L.O. & Frances Lucas 1875
John & Norma Horine 1803
C. James & Ruth Hockinghomer 1876
Mildred Cresswell Graff 1834
Red barn in front of a corn field
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