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Selecting Landscape Plants: Flowering Trees


Reviewed by David Trinklein
Horticulture Extension State Specialist
Division of Plant Sciences & Technology

Flowering trees add beauty and seasonal interest to the landscape. Many, including the popular flowering dogwood (Figure 1), have colorful or interesting fruits that may be edible or attractive to birds.

Herbs and spices (Bundle of 25)

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Selecting Landscape Plants: Broad-leaved Evergreens


Broad-leaved evergreens are highly prized landscape plants, but many require special attention to develop into attractive, long-lived plants. Learn how to select and care for plants that will thrive in your area with the help of this MU Extension guide.

How to Plant a Tree


Christopher J. Starbuck
Department of Horticulture

Selecting Landscape Plants: Uncommon Trees for Specimen Plantings


Check out some uncommon landscape trees that have a good chance for survival in the Missouri climate.

Selecting Landscape Plants: Shade Trees


Learn how to select the perfect shade trees for your midwest yard or landscape. Don't waste years on a bad landscape!

Selecting Landscape Plants: Needled Evergreens


Needled evergreens are planted primarily because of their evergreen foliage. Visit our site for our Selecting Landscape Plants: Needled Evergreens resource.

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