Canner gauge tests

Dial-type gauges should be tested annually to ensure accuracy and prevent bacterial contamination of preserved foods. Testing for dial-type pressure canner lids is available by appointment with our nutrition specialist.

Another option is to send your gauge to National Presto for free testing. There is no need to send in the lid. Simply remove the gauge from the cover and send it to:

  • National Presto Industries Inc.
  • ATTN Gauge Testing
  • 3925 N. Hastings Way
  • Eau Claire, WI 54703

Presto recommends shipping it with a tracking number for your protection. The carrier is your choice. Please include your mailing address (no P.O. Box) and phone number. Allow about two weeks for it to be returned at no cost to you. For details, call 1-800-877-0441.

Educational opportunities

Single- and multi-session educational programs cover topics in agriculture, natural resources, lawn and garden, home and consumer life, nutrition and health, families, community and leadership development, business and careers, and emergency management. Fees vary by program. Customized training is available.

Nitrate testing

We no longer provide this service in our office. Please contact the nearest agronomy or livestock specialist to make an appointment.

Plant and insect identification

Plant and insect samples may be brought to the Master Gardener Hotline room for identification or disease diagnosis. Recommendations for managing pests, weeds and diseases are provided.

Private pesticide applicator training

MU Extension provides private pesticide applicator training for producers of agricultural commodities as required for Missouri Department of Agriculture certification. This training is provided online and must be registered for ahead of time. We no longer show the training movie in our office. However we do host a face-to-face training once a year. License holders need to renew their license every five years to continue to purchase and apply restricted use pesticides on their own land.

Professional consultation

Faculty members are available to answer specific questions and provide advice for individual situations. Fees may be charged for some consultation services. Call our office to speak to a faculty member or make an appointment.


MU Extension has publications on agriculture, natural resources, lawn and garden, home and consumer life, nutrition and health, families, community and leadership development, business and careers, emergency management and other topics. Prices vary by publication.

Soil testing

The MU Soil Lab does basic soil testing analysis in partnership with our Master Gardeners of Greene County. Results include fertilizer and lime recommendations. Additional tests are available for nutrient management plans, environmental issues, potting mixes, compost, manure, and water usage for additional charges. Each sample should contain about 2 cups of dry soil from 6 to 7 inches deep. Results are typically provided within two weeks.

We recommend bringing at least a pint of soil to our office between 10 a.m. and 4 p.m. on a Thursday. Bring this to the Master Gardener hotline room, where our trained Master Gardeners can complete the paperwork and submit your test. One of our extension specialists will review your results and send them to you, typically in 7 to 10 days. In most cases, gardens, lawns, and fields should be tested every two years.