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Take the Engaged Neighbor Pledge

We aim to get 100,000 Americans to take the Engaged Neighbor pledge online before the end of 2030. Pledge to work toward becoming an engaged neighbor. We can help make our neighborhoods clean, safe, and friendly by pledging to pursue the "Engaged Neighbor" principles. Take the Engaged Neighbor pledge(opens in new window).

Neighboring takes effort, time and purposeful planning. But the effort will benefit both you and your community. David Burton, a county engagement specialist with University of Missouri Extension, is working statewide to train people to be engaged neighbors. This page contains resources that will help.

Would you like 30 minutes to visit on the topic of neighboring and how it can help your family, your neighborhood and community? Contact David Burton to schedule a phone call or Zoom. David is also available for group presentations in person or via Zoom.

Official Engaged Neighbor Program Brochure

The word neighboring can mean different things to different people, communities and organizations. As a result, we have tried to bring some focus on the engaged neighbor program. Download our official program brochure.

Program Overview

Get to Know Your Neighbors

MU Extension is providing an easy to use chart that can help you get to know and remember your neighbors. The best thing you can do is to learn and use the names of your immediate neighbors. You may find this chart helpful.

Neighbor chart (PDF)