Congratulations to these Adair County Missouri Century Farm families who have carried on the tradition of the family farm for 100 years and more.

Adair Century Farm families


David and Judy Kittle, 1910

Judy’s grandfather, Walter Brown, was the original owner.


Kenneth and Ethella McKee, 1914

John E. Tade, a great uncle, was the original owner.

Trevia D. Jones, M. Keith Jones, Jerry D. Jones, 1885

Original owner of the farm was Abner P. Bragg and Abbie Carl Bragg.

Leon and Neva (Niece) Moore, 1914

Original owner of the farm was Frank O. Buress.

Carl and Mae Bragg, Don and Carlene Williams, 1914

Original owner of the farm was Everett and Clara M. Bragg.


Patrick and Ashley McCarty, 1905

Ashley McCarty is the great-great-granddaughter of Albert Bragg, the original owner of the farm.

Lantz Farm, Lynn Henning, 1847

Jacob Lantz, great-great-grandfather, was the original owner of the farm.


Joe and Linda Decker, 1905


Billy and Gena Briggs, 1911


Frank and Dorothy Lonberger, 1906

H. Dean Adkins, Betty Wilson, Ann Adkins, Woodrow Adkins - Adkins Family Farm Partnership, 1891


Lock Farms, Inc., 1905

Bryan Lundstrom, Joyce E. Jones Lundstrom, 1907


Mary Daniel Anderson, 1890

Ellis and Lucille Collop, 1903

Mr. and Mrs. William Swisher, 1906


Kermit L. Jones, 1905


Linda Tillotson, 1849


Leland and Crystal O’Brien, 1902

Darrell and Kathryn Draper, 1898

Keith Wait, Mary Lou Wait, Teddy Wait, 1904


Loyce Jane Ford and Ray Ford, 1883

Dale and Virginia Watson, 1901

Roma Louise Salladay, 1891


Kelley and Jacqueline Church, 1901


Anita Co and Vivia Shelton, 1869

Mervin and Marjorie Collins, 1866


Robert Umbarger, George Umbarger, 1880

Mettie L. Swisher-Conlee, 1897

Donald Dee Shafer, 1858

Alan and Carmen Osborn, 1868

Dwight N. Hart, Hart Family Farm, Inc., 1872

Kenneth and Barbara Eitel, 1874

Donald and Roberta Beach, 1866


Herman and June Ladwig, 1896

Patricia Musick Binzer, 1853


Francetta Trainer, 1865


Phillip and M Smith, 1888

Cleve and Juanita Sevits Adams, 1891


Owen Lee and Coleen Moots, 1889


Celia Hammons, 1849

James and Donna Brawner, 1888


Ruby Morelock, 1849

Norman Keith Motter, 1851


Virginia Durden

William Wallace Farmer

John and Pauline Hoerrmann

Gerald H. Johnson

James H. Johnson

Alan and Brenda Linder, 1879

Dillard Mulford

Clarence N. Roberts

Oren and Marie Russell, Earl Russell

Keith and Anita Story


Mary L. and Dewey Brown, 1847

Roy A. Byrd, 1856

Gary and Rhonda Clark, 1868

Dorothy Moots Cochran, 1869

H. Gordon and Mary K. Collett, 1847

W.T. and Mae Coonfield, 1856

Beulah P. Crossgrove, 1869

Arlie R. and Lula E. Dimmitt, 1865

Claude Eitel; Kenneth, Barbara, Kent, Anna Lee and Layton Eitel, 1874

Charles B George, Ida F. George, 1858

Robert L. Goodwin, James E. Goodwin, 1858

John and Paul Hoerrman, 1869

Mrs. Roy (Letha) Lewis, 1849

Russell and Lura Linder, 1856

Mildred L. Mack, 1872

Lee and Flossie Martin, Ed and Helen Bailey, 1869

Bill and Verlee Mihalovich Frances Shuman Moore, 1869

Noah Motter, Drussilla B. Motter, 1851

Sam W. Motter, Catherine Motter, 1848

Lucile Platz Pinkerton, 1869

Mr. and Mrs. Oren Russell, 1852

Elsie Shuman, 1867

Charles A. Thompson, 1872

Melvin V. Thompson, 1872

Harold A and Viola Turner, 1843

Carl F. Tuttle, Lora Aline Tuttle, 1867

Thelma M. Weber; Herschel W., George R., Carroll E and Lucille Weber, 1869

James R and Ora Le Williams, 1860

Red barn in front of a corn field
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