Slow the spread of EAB

Even though the entire state of Missouri is now under federal quarantine and it is legal to move ash products and hardwood firewood among counties within the state, the Missouri Invasive Forest Pest Council URGES everyone to follow the following steps to protect from the spread of EAB:

Three easy ways to slow its spread

Don't move firewood.
EAB travels in firewood. The easiest way to keep it from spreading is to avoid buying exotic firewood and/or moving it from place to place. What is exotic firewood? Any stick of wood that comes from more than 50 miles from the place it was cut. If you burn firewood in your home stove or use it for camping, cut and burn your own or make sure the wood you buy comes from a local forest.

Visit Don't Move Firewood to find out how easy it is to slow the spread of EAB and other harmful pests.

Don't transport ash for woodworking (including buying ash wood over the Internet).
There is risk involved with using wood from a dead ash tree for woodworking projects or buying some uniquely patterned ash lumber over the Internet. You just might unwittingly help the emerald ash borer travel tens if not hundreds of miles to a new home.

Don't plant ash trees.
EAB feeds exclusively on ash trees. If you deprive them of food, they can't survive. Choose from any number of other suitable hardwoods for shade, habitat and timber.

See the Missouri Department of Conservation's Missouri Urban Trees (PDF) for varied tree options.