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In 2013, the Missouri Legislature, with the encouragement of the Missouri State Extension Council, provided a tool for county councils to solidify and grow their University of Missouri Extension program with the passage of the District Option update to the “Extension Statute.”

This manual:

  • Describes the incentives for forming extension districts.
  • Explains how to form an extension district comprising one, or more, counties with their associated county extension councils.
  • Provides sample resolution language appropriate for use by county extension councils — covering district formation and adoption of a property tax levy.
  • Provides guidance on how to operate either a single, or multi-county extension district.
  • Discusses single-county and multi-county extension district post-levy election operations.


  • MU Extension regions
  • Importance of the district option
  • Incentive to form an MU Extension district
  • Levy analysis
  • Single-county extension district
  • Multi-county extension district
  • Extension district operations


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Publication No. UED1117