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Melissa May
Missouri Department of Agriculture

The 1990 farm bill requires private certified pesticide applicators to keep records of all applications of federally restricted-use pesticides (RUP). The U.S. Department of Agriculture's (USDA) Agricultural Marketing Service (AMS) administers the Federal Pesticide Recordkeeping Program.

Although applicators have 14 days to record information about an RUP application, it is best do so immediately after each application to ensure accurate and detailed records. These records must be maintained for two years.

There is no required federal form on which to maintain your records; however, MU Extension publication MP693, Restricted-Use Pesticide Record-Keeping Form, can be downloaded, reproduced and used to be in compliance with the regulation.

What the records must contain

  • The certified applicator's name and certification number.
    If the application was made by someone who is not certified, then record the name and number of the certified applicator who supervised the application.
  • The month, day and year of the application
  • The crop, commodity or site to which the pesticide was applied.
    This section of the record includes stored products, such as grain held in bins. Refer to the pesticide label for guidance to record this information.
  • The brand or product name of the federally restricted-use pesticide and the product's EPA registration number.
    The brand or product name and EPA registration number for many restricted-use pesticides registered in Missouri are included in Table 1. If you use a restricted-use pesticide that is not listed, add the product name and registration number to the table for future use.
  • The total amount applied. Record the amount used of the actual product — not the amount after water or other substances were added. Amount does not refer to percent of active ingredient. Use the pesticide label for reference, and record the amount in similar language. For example, if the label states the pesticide is to be measured in pints or ounces, then record the amount in pints or ounces.
  • The size of the area treated.
    Record the size of the area treated in the appropriate unit of measure (such as acres, linear feet, bushels, cubic feet, number of animals, etc.), which is normally expressed on the label in reference to the application being made. For example, if an 80-acre grove is treated using the alternate middle approach, the entire 80 acres would be recorded as the size of area treated.
  • The location of the application.
    Record the specific location of the application, not the address of the farm or business. Your goal is to be able to identify the exact area of the application two years later if requested. The law allows any of the following designations:
    • ID system using maps and/or a written description
    • County, range, township and section (although not required, subsection is acceptable)
    • A USDA identification system, which involves maps and a numbering system to identify field locations
    • The legal property description

How to record spot treatments

Spot treatments are especially useful in the control of noxious weeds. If you apply restricted-use pesticides on the same day in a total area of less than a tenth of an acre, you are required to record all of the following information:

  • Brand or product name, EPA registration number
  • Total amount applied
  • Location of treatment designated as spot application, followed by a description (for example, the location could be recorded as "spot application," followed by "treated for noxious weeds on Field A, C and all pastures")
  • Month, day and year of the application

Greenhouse and nursery treatments do not qualify as spot treatments.

Access to the record information

Only the following people have the right to access your restricted-use pesticide records:

  • USDA-authorized representatives who present identification
  • State-authorized representatives who present identification
  • Attending licensed health care professionals, or those acting under their direction, when treating individuals who may have been exposed to restricted-use pesticides

Commercial applicator requirements

All commercial applicators will continue to maintain the records they currently keep under Missouri or federal regulations. The new federal pesticide record-keeping regulations require all commercial applicators, both agricultural and nonagricultural, to furnish a copy of the application record to the customer within 30 days of the restricted-use pesticide application.

Civil penalties

The AMS administrator of USDA is responsible for the enforcement actions taken against violators of this standard.

Any private applicator who violates any provision of the regulations will be subject to the following civil penalties:

  • A fine of not more than $750 for the first offense
  • A fine of not less than $1,100 for each subsequent offense

Benefits of pesticide record keeping

Maintenance of pesticide application records helps farmers to:

  • Evaluate how well a chemical worked
  • Determine the amount of pesticide needed annually, avoiding the purchase and storage of excess product
  • Prevent carry-over injury and improve rotation decisions
  • Protect themselves from legal action if accused of improper pesticide use
  • Save money by determining the best pesticide management program, which is key to a successful integrated pest management (IPM) program

Also, USDA's National Agricultural Statistics Service (NASS) conducts surveys on pesticide use for agricultural production. The information gathered from these surveys is used to maintain a database on the use of pesticides by agriculture. Various public and private organizations use the data when making decisions about or studying such issues as the safety of the nation's food supply, the quality of our water, and the impact of IPM.

Record-keeping information for the EPA Worker Protection Standard

The Environmental Protection Agency's (EPA) Worker Protection Standard (WPS) is a federal regulation intended to reduce the risk of pesticide poisoning and injury among agricultural workers. Private applicators hiring pesticide handlers or workers must display application information to all employees in an accessible area of the workplace before a pesticide is applied. This display is not limited to restricted-use pesticides, but is required when the label of any pesticide being used ­has an Agricultural Use Requirements section.

Additional record-keeping information is also required to meet federal WPS regulations:

  • Time of day the application was made
  • Active ingredient
  • Restricted entry interval (REI)

The previously mentioned MU Extension record-keeping form, MP693, provides space to record the necessary information for both RUP and WPS records.

Restricted-use pesticides registered in Missouri

The brand or product name and EPA registration number for most restricted-use agricultural pesticides registered in Missouri are listed in the following table. If you use a restricted-use pesticide that is not listed, add the brand or product name and registration number to the table. This information is obtained from the pesticide label.

This list of products was accurate as of the date of publication of this guide. For an updated list of registered RUPs, contact the Missouri Department of Agriculture's Bureau of Pesticide Control at 573-751-5504.

Table 1
Agricultural restricted-use pesticides for Missouri.

Manufacturer/Brand or product nameEPA registration number
Aceto Agricultural Chemicals Corp.
Aceto Bifenthrin 2EC2749-556
Dicromax 8 Insecticide5481-448-2749
Altitude Crop Innovations
Alpine Endurx89168-19-91395
Alpine Insecticide89168-19-91395
Avenger Bold S3 Insecticide89168-34-91395
Avenger S389168-21-91395
Blanco Herbicide89167-24-91395
Bridger ATZ Herbicide89167-30-91395
Bridger ATZ LA89167-32-91395
Creede Insecticide89168-24-91395
Firestone Insecticide89168-16-91395
Ravine Herbicide831000-47-91395
Vail ATZ Herbicide89167-09-91395
Voltage Endurx Insecticide89168-20-91395
AMVAC Chemical Corp.
Ambush Insecticide5481-549
Aztec 2.1G5481-9030
Aztec 4.67 Granular Insecticide5481-9028
Bidrin 8 Insecticide5481-448
Bidrin XP II5481-9024
Counter 20G Systemic Lock 'N Load Insecticide5481-562
Counter 20G Systemic Smartbox5481-562
Dibrom 8 Emulsive Insecticide5481-479
Dibrom Concentrate5481-480
Discipline 2EC Insecticide5481-517
Force 3G Smartbox100-1075-5481
Force 10G HL Smartbox Insecticide100-1615-5481
Mocap 15G5481-9040
Mocap 15G Lock 'N Load5481-9040
Mocap EC Insecticide5481-9041
Smartchoice 5G Insecticide5481-561
Smartchoice 5G Lock n Load5481-561
Smartchoice HC High Concentration5481-579
Thimet 20-G Lock 'N Load5481-530
Thimet 20-G Smartbox Insecticide5481-530
Xpedient FC Incesticide5481-517
Xpedient Plus5481-517
Xpedient Plus V5481-609
BASF Corp.
Fastac CS Insecticide7969-364
Fastac EC Insecticide7969-298
G-Max Lite Herbicide7969-200
Guardsman Max Herbicide7969-192
Manticor LFR Fungicide/Insecticide279-3478-7969
Regent 4SC Insecticide7969-207
Rezult G Herbicide7969-88
Bolton Insecticide67760-112
Declare Insecticide67760-96
Fyfanon Plus ULV Insecticide67760-108
Nufos 4E Insecticide67760-28
Proaxis Insecticide67760-114
Zoro Insecticide67760-71
Chemtura Corp.
Comite II Insecticide400-154
Dimilin 2L400-461
Dimilin 25W Insecticide400-465
DoubleTake Insecticide400-593
Firestorm Herbicide82557-1-400
Dow AgroSciences LLC
Cobalt Insecticide62719-575
Cobalt Advanced62719-615
Fulltime NXT Herbicide62719-668
Graslan L Herbicide62719-655
Grazon P+D Herbicide62719-182
Hatchet Insecticide62719-220
Hiredhand P+D Herbicide62719-182
Inline Fungicide/Nematicide62719-348
Keystone Herbicide62719-368
Keystone LA62719-479
Keystone LA NXT62719-670
Keystone NXT62719-671
Lorsban Advanced Insecticide62719-591
Outpost 22K Herbicide62719-6
Surmount Herbicide62719-480
Telone II Soil Fumigant62719-32
Tordon 22K Herbicide62719-6
Tordon 10162719-5
Tordon K62719-17
Drexel Chemical Co.
Drexel Atra 5 Herbicide19713-80
Drexel Atrazine 4L Herbicide19713-11
Drexel Atrazine 90DF19713-76
Drexel Chlorpyrifos 4E-AG Insecticide19713-520
Drexel L-C Insecticide19713-572
Drexel Lambdafos Insecticide19713-671
Drexel Quik-Quat Herbicide19713-617
Drexel Trizar Herbicide19713-686
Drexel Trizmax Herbicide19713-688
Drexel Trizmet II Herbicide19713-547
Drexel Trizmet Lite Herbicide19713-663
DuPont De Nemours and Co.
Asana XL Insecticide352-515
Breakfree ATZ Herbicide352-724
Breakfree ATZ Lite Herbicide352-723
Breakfree NXT ATZ Herbicide62719-671-352
Breakfree NXT ATZ Herbicide352-893
Breakfree NXT Lite Herbicide62719-670-352
Breakfree NXT Lite Herbicide352-895
Cinch ATZ Herbicide352-624
Cinch ATZ Lite Herbicide352-623
Lannate SP Insecticide352-342
Lannate LV352-384
Prequel Herbicide352-779
Vydate C-LV352-532
Vydate L Insecticide352-372
FMC Corp.
Anthem ATZ Herbicide279-3449
Athena Insecticide279-3356
Brigade 2EC Insecticide279-3313
Brigade WSB Insecticide279-3108
Brigadier Insecticide279-3332
Capture 3rive 3D Insecticide279-3467
Capture LFR279-3302
Declare Insecticide279-3571
Ethos XB Insecticide/Fungicide279-3473
Hero EW Insecticide279-3329
Hero Insecticide279-3315
Mustang 1.5EW Insecticide279-3126
Mustang MAXX279-3426
Pounce 1.5G Insecticide279-3426
Proaxis Insecticide279-3583
Stallion Brand Insecticide279-9545
Steed Insecticide279-3380
Temitry LFR Insecticide/Fungicide279-3478
Gharda Chemical Ltd.
Pilot 4E Chlorpyrifos Agricultural Insecticide33658-26
Gowan Co.
Justice Insecticide8033-116-10163
MSR Spray Concentrate Insecticide10163-220
Supracide 2E Insecticide10163-236
Growmark Inc.
Calvary II Insecticide100-1295-534
Infantry 4L Herbicide100-497-534
Infantry 90DF100 585-534
Xcelerate ATZ 5.6LHerbicide524-485-534
Helena Chemical Co.
Atrazine 4L5905-470
Defcon 2.1G Insecticide5481-9030-5905
Defcon 4.67G Granular Insecticide5481-9028-5905
Empower 2 Insecticide5905-548
Helena Atrazine 4F100-497-5905
Helena Atrazine 90DG100-1097-5905
Ruckus LFR Insecticide279-3302-5905
LG Life Sciences America Inc.
Lambdastar 1CS Insecticide71532-25-91026
Lambdastar EC71532-20-91026
Lambdastar Plus71532-29-91026
Permastar AG Insecticide71532-15-91026
Loveland Products Inc.
Atrazine 4L34704-69
Atrazine 90 WDG Herbicide34704-622
Consero Insecticide34704-953
Diazinon AG600 Insecticide66222-103-34704
Holster Insecticide34704-875
Match-Up Insecticide34704-1086
Permethrin Insecticide34704-873
Reaper 0.15 EC Insecticide34704-923
Reaper Advance34704-923
Reaper Clear Form34704-1078
Slider ATZ Herbicide34704-1041
Slider ATZ Lite34704-1042
Sniper Helias34704-858
Sniper Insecticide34704-858
Sniper LFR34704-1089
Swagger Insecticide34704-1045
Tombstone Helios Insecticide34704-978
Tombstone Insecticide34704-912
Unforgiven Insecticide34704-1103
WarHawk Clear Form34704-1077
Warhawk Insecticide34704-857
MacDermid Agricultural Solutions Inc.
Dimilin 2L400-461
Dimilin 25W400-465
DoubleTake Insecticide400-593
Firestorm Herbicide82557-1-400
Makhteshim-Agan North America Inc.
Atrazine 4L66222-36
Atrazine 90DF66222-37
Atrazine DF66222-229
Chlorpyrifos 4E AG Insecticide66222-19
Fanfare 2EC Insecticide66222-99
Fanfare EC66222-261
Fanfare ES66222-236
Parallel Plus Herbicide66222-132
Parazone 3SL Herbicide66222-130
Silencer Insecticide66222-104
Silencer VXN66222-223
Monsanto Co.
Agrisolutions Confidence Xtra 5.6L Herbicide524-485
Agrisolutions Confidence Xtra Herbicide524-480
Bullet Herbicide524-418
Confidence Xtra 5.6L Herbicide524-485
Confidence Xtra Herbicide524-480
Degree Xtra Herbicide524-511
Harness 5.6L524-485
Harness 20G524-487
Harness MAX524-636
Harness Xtra Herbicide524-480
Intrro Herbicide524-314
Lariat Herbicide524-329
Micro-Tech Herbicide524-344
Precept Insecticide100-1075-524
Sipcam Agro USA Inc.
Atrazine 4L35915-4-60063
Atrazine 90DF35915-3-60063
Stalwart Xtra Herbicide60063-23
Stalwart Xtra Lite Herbicide60063-48
Source Dynamics LLC
Paraquat Concentrate Herbicide82542-3
Syngenta Crop Protection LLC
Aatrex 4L100-497
Aatrex Nine-O Herbicide100-585
Acceleron INT-210 Insecticide100-1321
Acuron Herbicide100-1466
Agri-Mek SC Insecticide100-1351
Avicta 500 FS Insecticide/Nematicide100-1204
Avicta Complete Beans 500100-1457
Avicta Complete Corn 250100-1405
Avicta Complete Corn 500100-1300
Avicta Duo Corn100-1321
Avicta Duo COT202100-1538
Avicta Duo Cotton100-1321
Ballista LFC Insecticide100-1086
Besiege Insecticide100-1402
Bicep II Magnum FC100-817
Bicep II Magnum Herbicide100-817
Bicep Lite II Magnum100-827
Callisto Xtra Herbicide100-1359
Cyclone SL 2.0 Herbicide100-1431
Endigo ZC Insecticide100-1276
Expert Herbicide100-1161
Force 3G Insecticide100-1075
Force CS Insecticide100-1253
Gramoxone SL 2.0100-1431
Gramoxone SL Herbicide100-1217
Karate Insecticide100-1097
Lamcap II100-1295
Lamcap Insecticide100-1112
Lexar EZ Herbicide100-1414
Lumax EZ Herbicide100-1442
Metal II ATX Herbicide100-817
Scimitar GC Insecticide100-1088
Warrior II100-1295
Tenkoz Inc.
Annex LFR Insecticide279-3302-55467
Brawl II ATZ Herbicide100-817-55467
Govern 4E Insecticide62719-220-55467
Province II Insecticide100-1295-55467
Province Insecticide100-1112-55467
Tenkoz Atrazine 4L Herbicide100-497-55467
Tenkoz Atrazine 4L Herbicide55467-13
Tenkoz Atrazine 90DF Herbicide100-585-55467
Tenkoz Atrazine 90DF Herbicide35915-3-55467
Triangle Herbicide66222-131-55467
Volley ATZ Corn Herbicide55467-7
Volley ATZ Lite NXT62719-670-55467
Volley ATZ NXT62719-671-55467
United Suppliers Inc.
Atrazine 4L33270-10
Atrazine 90DF33270-9
Sentry Atrazine 4L33270-10
Sentry Atrazine 90DF33270-9
Tremor ATZ NXT33270-24
Tremor Herbicide33270-12
Valent USA Corp.
Asana XL Insecticide59639-209
Danitol 2.4 EC Insecticide59639-35
Van Diest Supply Co.
Cornbelt Atrazine 4L Herbicide11773-1
Cornbelt Atrazine 90DF11773-13
WinField Solutions LLC
Agrisolutions Tundra Supreme Insecticide1381-243
Arctic 3.2EC Insecticide1381-187
Atrazine 4L1381-158
Bifen 2 AG Gold Insecticide83222-1
Charger MAX ATZ Herbicide1381-199
Delta Gold Insecticide264-1011-1381
Grizzly Too Insecticide100-1295-1381
Grizzly Z Insecticide1381-211
Tundra EC Insecticide1381-196
Yuma 4E Insecticide62719-220-1381
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