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The University of Missouri; Lincoln University; the federal, state and county governments; and other organizations have cooperated for many years in making extension services available throughout the state. These efforts, however, would have had little impact without the dedicated efforts of countless local leaders. Extension councils have guided and directed these programs of their universities toward the wants and needs of local people throughout the state.

The universities enlist continued support and assistance of county extension councils in extending their resources toward meeting objectives and solving problems of individuals, communities and organizations.

This manual was developed by the Council Leadership Development Committee (CLDC) to help councils understand the legal basis for extension and their own responsibilities It outlines the duties of council members and officers and provides a historical and legal background of the various agreements and laws pertaining to extension.

The CLDC, formed in 2001, is a representation of MU Extension county program directors, regional directors, council members and administrative support staff. Its purpose is to provide resources to councils to help them understand their roles and responsibilities as defined in state law.


  • State of Missouri Revised Statutes pertaining to University of Missouri Extension programs
  • Revised statue summary for council operations
  • Guiding principles
  • Federal legislation


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Publication No. M61