Brassicaceae (Mustard family)

Broadleaf plant family

The mustard family is one of the larger groups of plants in the state. Several plants within this family, such as yellow rocket and wild mustard, are common throughout Missouri.

Falseflax, smallseedFalseflax, smallseed
Camelina microcarpa

Descurainia sophia

Mustard, hedgeMustard, hedge
Sisymbrium officinale

Mustard, wildMustard, wild
Brassica kaber

Pennycress, fieldPennycress, field
Thlaspi arvense

Pepperweed, VirginiaPepperweed, Virginia
Lepidium virginicum

Rocket, yellowRocket, yellow
Barbarea vulgaris

Capsella bursa-pastoris

Sibara virginica

Tansymustard, greenTansymustard, green
Descurainia pinnata ssp. brachycarpa

For an idea of relative seed size, each photo contains a millimeter ruler. The distance between increments is 1 mm.

Publication No. IPM1023-13