Editor’s note
The back of the PDF is a worksheet where you can write down or draw a picture of each activity you do without a screen during National Screen-Free Week — or any week you set this challenge for your family.

Boy cutting the chain connecting him to a TV.

Screen-Free Week is an annual celebration of the magic of being unplugged. During this week, parents, children, teachers and others across the country turn off screen media — including TVs, video games, computers, tablets, e-readers, cellphones and smartphones — and get in touch with being unplugged. Below are some screen-free activity ideas!


  • Make a fort out of blankets, pillows and chairs
  • Write a creative story
  • Make a craft
  • Clean your room or help your parents around the house
  • Make a list of things you like about yourself


  • Plan a picnic for your family
  • Set up a lemonade stand
  • Watch a sunrise or sunset
  • Climb a tree
  • Plant a flower in a pot, water it daily

Around town (with an adult)

  • Visit the library and check out a new book
  • Go to a museum
  • Visit a zoo or local farm
  • Go to a farmers market
  • Attend a sporting event or game

With friends

  • Write a script, act out a play
  • Play a game of hide-and-seek or capture the flag
  • Have a play date or slumber party!
  • Make your own musical instruments and start a band
  • Play dress-up with old costumes or clothes

With family

  • Help cook dinner
  • Take a nature hike
  • Go for a bike ride around the neighborhood
  • Take family pictures
  • Play board games or cards
  • Have a talent show. Each member of the family performs
  • Have a family sports game—kickball, whiffle ball, tag, etc.
Children participating in outdoor activities.