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Having a plan can help your family make it through any disaster with minimal stress. A comprehensive family disaster plan includes information about each family member, household pets, insurance and finances, the home itself and its contents. Most important, the plan outlines what each family member should do during an emergency and identifies safe places inside and outside the home.

University of Missouri Extension has created a disaster plan template to guide families through the development process. Creating a plan begins with a family meeting to discuss and decide how the family will respond to a disaster. Use this template to guide the process.

Electronic family disaster plan

This family disaster plan is designed to be filled out electronically. Download the file to your computer before filling in the plan to protect your personal information.

The plan also may be downloaded, printed and completed by hand.

Additional pages for family members, pets and household contents have been provided. If needed, those pages should be included with the completed plan.

Keep paper copies

Creating an electronic document is convenient; however, it is essential to have paper copies of the plan available because electric and wireless services may be disrupted during an emergency. A copy of the plan should be stored with your disaster supply kit in the home. A second copy should be stored off-site with a relative, friend or at work.

Review annually

Families should review their disaster plan annually and update as necessary.


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