Proceedings of the 2006, 2007, 2008 annual conferences

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Cambio Center

Cambio de Colores as a yearly event aims to strengthen the networks of community organizers, extension professionals, academics, and public and private-sector institutions focused on communities that are changing as a result of newcomer settlements, seeking to facilitate the integration of Latinos in the Midwest.

This publication includes abstracts, as well as selected papers, on some of the topics discussed during the 2006-2008 Cambio de Colores conferences. Also included is a list of participants.

Session summaries and abstracts


  • Educating Latino Students in the State of Missouri: Teacher Preparation and Parent Participation
  • Teaching Cultural Competence through Problem-Based Learning
  • Understanding New Surroundings Through Bilingual Environmental Education in Missouri
  • A Psychosociocultural Examination of Latinos' Academic Achievement Factors Influencing Mexican-American Students' Educational Aspirations and Expectations
  • The Magic of a Multicultural Classroom
  • Bracero Program: Then and Again?
Change and well-being
  • Financial Counseling: A Meaningful Strategy for Building Wealth in the Latino Community
  • Local Financial Literacy Initiatives
  • Should Culture Matter?
  • Communicating Through an Interpreter
  • Spanish as a Part Of Your Workplace – Teaching Spanish to the Business Community
Youth, families and community
  • Visions with Hope 360°: A Family-Centered Approach to Serving Latino Families
  • Mujeres Unidas, Women United: First Annual Report to Grace Church
  • Addressing Language Barriers in Health Care through Bridging Telemedicine and Interpreting Services: A Systematic Review
  • The Influence Of Acculturation And Gender Role Ideology On Hispanic Family Planning Perspectives
  • Using Photovoice to Identify Barriers to Family Planning Among Hispanic Immigrants


  • Urban vs. Rural: Promoting Understanding of Nutrition Education in the Hispanic Population
  • Hispanic Student Performance on the Missouri Assessment Program Tests 1998-2005
  • First Language Literacy and Second Language Reading
  • Taller de Education/The Urgency of a New School
Change and well-being
  • Alliance for Economic Inclusion
  • Asset Building Strategies in Three Settlement Communities in Missouri
  • The Economic Impact of Latinos in Missouri
  • Voices Yet to be Heard: The Education Journey of 35- to 50-year-old Latino Undergraduate
  • Increasing Cultural Competency for University Extension Educators Working with Latino Audiences 18 Kansas City Latino Westside
Youth, families and community
  • Don't Know where to Find that Resource?
  • Keep Hope Alive: Best Practices to Implement Title VI of the 1964 Civil Rights Act
  • Sexual Decision-Making and Pregnancy Prevention in Latino Adolescents
  • Esperanza Para los Niños: A Home Visiting Program to Enhance Infant/Mother Bonding for First-time Mothers and their Families"
  • Comprehensive Family Support System: The ParentLink Model
  • Addressing the Mental Health Needs of Latinos
  • Mujer Latina: A Breast Cancer Education Kiosk for Hispanic Women in Kansas City and St. Louis
  • Visions with Hope 360°: Establishing local networks to improve the status of Hispanic Families
  • Providing Effective Mental Health Services to the Hispanic Community in St. Louis, Mo.
  • Practicing Preventative Health Care through Cultural and Language Differences
  • Health Literacy: Using Computers to Access Medline Plus in Public Health Clinics
  • HIV and AIDS in the Hispanic Community: One Clinic's Response
  • Challenges of Growing Need for Bilingual Substance Abuse Treatment Among Latinos in Kansas City
  • Building Community Capacity to Address Health Disparity Issues in the Rural Hispanic Midwest: A Community Based Participatory Action Research Approach
  • Diabetes Prevention in Latino Children
  • Maximize Your Impact with Collaboration
Civil rights
  • Opposing Racism, Anti-Semitism and Bigotry...from the Minuteman Civil Defense to the Missouri Legislature


  • The Latino Educational Pipeline: Creating an Inclusive Culture for Education
  • Situating Students as Knowledge Producers: Encouraging Latin Youth through Participatory Action Research
  • Missouri Teacher Candidates Working Together to Prepare for Classroom Diversity
  • Latina Secondary School Student Climate Research: A Summary and Application
  • Mainstream Teachers of English Language Learners: Potential Obstacles
  • Assessing the Pipeline of Latinos into Higher Education
  • Successful Latina College Students in Kansas City
  • Language Learning and Immigration in Higher Education
  • Sí podemos! Drawing Strength from One Another: A Panel Discussion with Latino/a Graduate and Undergraduate Students
Change and well-being
  • Latino Newcomers: Cultural Adaptation and Ethnic Identity
  • Professionals as Participants in Their Own Training for Work with Latino Farmers
  • Change and Integration in Kansas City, Mo., as Evidenced by Public Literacy
  • Talking to Nonimmigrants about Immigration: A Demonstration Workshop
  • The Economics of Immigration
  • Economic Growth for the Diverse Farm Worker Population and the Business Community
  • Immigration Integration: Lessons from Illinois
  • Folkloric Dance as a Medium for Socialization and Cultural Identity: A Case Study in a Kansas City Latino Community
  • Beyond Tips and Tricks: A Guide to More Effective Partnerships with Hispanics in Missouri
Youth, families and community
  • Acculturative Stress and Connection to Latino Families Well Being
  • The Promotion of Education and Positive Lifestyle Choices through Youth Education Programs in Columbia, Mo.
  • Cristo Rey Kansas City: Preparing Urban Students for College and Work
  • Migration, Family Stressor and Empathy
  • Connecting for Children, a New Program to Help Parents Improve Their Ability to Build Healthy Parenting Relationships
  • The Escalera Program: A Career Pathway Program for High School Students
  • Safe Dating and Self-Empowerment for 13- to 18-year-old Girls
  • News Media and Its Influence on Latino Youth, Families and Communities in Missouri
  • A Decision-Aid Smoking Cessation Software Among Latinos Attending Safety Net Clinics
  • Teaching Cross-Cultural Communication Skills to Health Care Providers: An Innovative Curriculum for
  • Third Year Medical Students
  • Clinical Encounters with Hispanic Patients: Cultural Competency Issues in Family Planning
  • Who are the Smokers in Missouri? Beyond Prevalence: A Picture is Worth A Thousand Words
Civil rights
  • Civil Rights and Political Participation
  • Interpreters in Court: Justice For All?


  • Immigration
  • Research
  • Best practices
  • Policy
  • Immigrants


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