Parenthetical numbers in the text refer to sections of the current Revised Statutes of Missouri, abbreviated as RSMo.

VII. Changing township boundaries

Vote to change boundaries

If one-fourth of the registered voters in a township or townships petition the county commission to change township boundaries, the commission must put the proposal on the April ballot. If two-thirds of those voting on the issue approve the change, it is made. The county commission is charged with naming the reconstituted township(s) "in accordance with the expressed wishes of its inhabitants" (65.530-.550).

Annexing or dividing townships

The county may annex a township to an adjoining township, particularly should one fail to elect officers, fill vacancies or otherwise perform its functions. Should this happen, before the county takes action, 12 citizens residing in the township can call a township meeting by posting notices that set forth the time and place of the meeting at least 10 days in advance.

The township meeting assumes the powers of the township board. If a township fails to elect and qualify officials, any resident may file an affidavit with the county clerk, and the county commission then appoints persons to the vacant posts (65.550).

A township may also be divided into two or more new townships (65.570). When this is done, after the township election, the trustees of each and the county assessor meet to decide on the division of property (65.570). Either of the trustees may call the meeting, giving three days' written notice to all involved. Any debts of a township that has been divided are divided between the new entities by the same group (65.590).