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J. Bryan Webber, M.S., Senior Research Specialist, UMCA

Mark Coggeshall, Ph.D., Adjunct Assistant Professor, UMCA

Ron Revord, Ph.D., Assistant Research Professor, UMCA

Nicholas Meier, Ph.D., Senior Research Specialist, UMCA

William Reid, Ph.D., Retired, Kansas State University

Care of Bearing Trees

Once your black walnut orchard is established and begins bearing, the goals for caring and maintaining the orchard will evolve as the trees continue to mature and yields increase. The orchardist’s focus turns toward maximizing yield potential of the trees, managing disease and monitoring insect pests, and planning for harvest and postharvest activities. The following document is a guide which outlines the steps and operations required to care for bearing and mature black walnut orchards. For information on planning and establishing a new black walnut orchard please refer to the Growing Black Walnut for Nut Production: Orchard Establishment and Early Management guide.

Publication No. AF1023