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TruffleJohann Bruhn
Research associate professor
Division of Plant Sciences

Michelle Hall
Senior information specialist

Missouri is in a position to benefit from research here and abroad enabling cultivation of the Burgundy black truffle in oak and/or hazel orchards. Cultivation of these exquisite and very high value mushrooms is both sustainable and diversifying.

The “Burgundy Black Truffle Cultivation in an Agroforestry Practice” guide highlights information about the Burgundy truffle (Tuber aestivum Vitt., syn. T. uncinatum Ch.) and the Perigord black truffle (T.melanosporum Vitt.), which have been determined to be the two best candidate species for truffle cultivation inthe south-central U.S.

The guide not only informs readers about why these truffles are a preferred species to cultivate in the U.S., but also how to choose a plantation site for the truffles and prepare, establish, maintain, harvest and cook with the truffles you plant. The guide also includes an extensive list of additional resources that would be helpful for any grower interested in truffles.


  • Burgundy black truffle
  • Périgord black truffle
  • Mushrooms
  • Fungi


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