Weed Science Extension

A crop field with weeds.

Weed management resources

Our slideshows and videos address an array of weed management issues, such as herbicide resistance, pasture weed management, and off-target herbicide movement.

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A field infested with henbit.

What weeds are these?

Our Weed ID Guide will help you identify weeds in your crops, gardens, lawns, pastures and even ponds.

Identify your weeds

The Weed Science program at the University of Missouri administers extension, research and teaching programs to keep you informed of the latest findings in weed management.

Our online resources include a Missouri weed ID guide and a herbicide injury guide. Both of these guides are full of photos — to aid in the identification of a weed or the diagnosis of herbicide-caused crop injury, respectively. They are also available as mobile apps. In addition, we offer numerous publications, newsletter articles, videos and PowerPoint presentations on various aspects of weed control.

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