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Bottle Fly

View bottle fly data sheet (PDF)

Green bottle fly adult. Note shiny metallic body.
Green bottle fly maggot. Head is the smaller end of the body.
Green bottle fly breathing openings on rear of body. Note three parallel slits

Fruit fly

View fruit fly data sheet (PDF)

Fruit fly full body view.
Fruit fly

Fungus gnat fly

View fungus gnat fly data sheet (PDF)

Dark-winged fungus gnat whole body size compared to 0.5mm pencil lead
Dark-winged fungus gnat head. Note how eyes wrap around the back of the antennae.
Dark-winged fungus gnat wing veination pattern.

House fly

View house fly data sheet (PDF)

House fly adult
House fly adult
House fly maggot with size reference

Midge fly

Adult midge. Males have very featherlike antennae.
Male midge showing close-up of featherlike antennae.

Phorid fly

View phorid fly data sheet (PDF)

Phorid fly adult. Note enlarged basal segment of hind leg on this specimen
Phorid fly adult. Note humpbacked appearance on this species