Guard against emerging tick-borne disease in Missouri

KANSAS CITY, Mo. – As temperatures rise, humans and animals become meal tickets for ticks.Heartland disease, an emerging infectious disease first found in northwestern Missouri in 2009, is another reason to take precautions against ticks, says University of Missouri horticulture specialist and entomologist Tamra Reall.

Dr. Bug talks Pokemon and why your Christmas tree may be bugged

KANSAS CITY, Mo. – Your Christmas tree may have extra gifts on it instead of under it.“Some trees come with a bonus gift from nature – praying mantises,” says Tamra Reall, University of Missouri Extension specialist in horticulture.Reall answers questions from young nature enthusiasts in “Kids Ask Dr. Bug,” a column she writes for Kansas City Gardener magazine.What is that yucky stuff on my tree?

Dr. Bug is on call when kids ‘bug’ you about bugs

KANSAS CITY, Mo. – Snow days and winter holidays give parents and child care workers openings to teach kids about the wonders of nature. “Winter break is a great time to teach children about insects and gardening,” says University of Missouri Extension horticulture specialist Tamra Reall. “Books they received as holiday gifts, TV shows or movies may spark their interest and prompt questions.”