Prune oak trees this winter to avoid oak wilt

COLUMBIA, Mo. – The leaves are down, winter is upon us, and that means it’s prime time for pruning oak trees, which can be infected by the oak wilt fungus if they’re pruned during the high-risk period mid-March through mid-July.

No reports of spotted lanternfly in Missouri but vigilance urged

COLUMBIA, Mo. – While not yet detected in Missouri, spotted lanternfly remains a concern for vineyards, certain trees and specialty crops as it continues to spread west. If spotted lanternfly (SLF) reaches Missouri, early detection and insecticide control measures will be key to reducing the economic damage, says Dean Volenberg, viticulture extension professor with the University of Missouri Grape and Wine Institute.

Check ash trees for emerald ash borer

COLUMBIA, Mo. – The invasive emerald ash borer may eliminate the ash tree from North America. In Missouri, EAB is present in 89 counties and the city of St. Louis.“Just like the Dutch elm disease that killed our native American elm trees, EAB is capable of eliminating all ash trees from our forests and cities,” says University of Missouri Extension entomologist Kevin Rice. “This makes it one of the most serious threats now facing North…

New MU app helps identify herbicide injury

COLUMBIA, Mo. – University of Missouri Extension introduced a new mobile app to identify herbicide injury at its annual Pest Management Field Day on July 10.MU Extension weed specialist Mandy Bish says Herbicide Injury ID lets users send photos of injured plants to MU Extension for preliminary diagnosis and feedback. Users can also scroll through a library of more than 200 photos to look for similar types of damage.