NRCS + MU Grasslands Project

Improving grassland sustainability in Missouri

The NRCS + MU Grasslands Project was formed in 2017 as a collaboration between two organizations: the Natural Resources Conservation Service (NRCS) and University of Missouri Extension (MU).

This cooperative project combines experts from both organizations to provide technical advice and education on grazing plans, soil health, native warm-season grasses and National Resource Inventory (NRI). The goal of the NRCS + MU Grasslands Project is to improve grassland sustainability in Missouri while strengthening, increasing and encouraging the voluntary approach and participation of private landowners in NRCS programs.

Work on this agreement (PDF) supports Farm Bill conservation programs such as the Conservation Stewardship Program (CSP), the Conservation Reserve Program (CRP) and the Environmental Quality Incentives Program (EQIP).

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Adding Grass

The Ozarks is primarily fescue country, but as producers seek new ways to diversify their farms in a sustainable and productive manner, developing stands of native warm-season grasses is worth the time and investment. Tim Schnakenberg, field specialist in agronomy with the University of Missouri Extension, and one of eight specialists with the NRCS Plus MU Grasslands Project, has a deep appreciation for native grasses and what they can bring to the pasture.

Adding Red Clover to Pasture Reaps Benefits

Red clover is a short-lived perennial legume, which is widely utilized in Missouri. It is well adapted to the soil and climate of the Midwest. Clover is easy to establish in cool season grass pastures and hay fields because it can withstand shading during the seedling stage better than most other legumes. A mixed cool season grass-clover stand reduces the concern for bloat and can be maintained longer than a pure red clover stand.

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