4-H Shooting Sports Fundraiser

Opportunity for $100,000 for Missouri 4-H

What is it? It's our annual raffle, a giant raffle for 104 guns. Two guns per week will be given away in this fundraising raffle. That's right, two drawings per week.
One raffle ticket is good for all 104 drawings and comes in a beautiful calendar depicting Missouri 4-H Shooting Sports members and leaders. Sell the raffle ticket and give away the calendar.
How much? Each raffle/calendar sells for $50. Yes, that's a lot of money but, if you do the math, it's only 48 cents per chance to win. Each raffle ticket purchased has 104 chances to win. REMEMBER, you aren't buying a calendar — you are buying 104 raffle chances.
How many? The goal is to sell a total of 4,000 calendars. 4-H has committed to selling 3,500 of them. That is less than 1 calendar per 4-H shooting sports member.
How does it work? The Friends of NRA Committee is doing the bulk of the pre-sale work. They will assemble the calendar, get it printed, purchase the guns, distribute the guns to the winners and they will sell "some" of the calendars. 4-H sells calendars. The Missouri 4-H Foundation will serve as the fiscal agent for 4-H. It will accept the sales proceeds and distribute funds back to 4-H clubs/programs.
When? The goal is to have calendars ready by April 1st. We want to complete sales as soon as possible. We would like sales to start wrapping up by August 1st. However, with the drawings starting later this year we will be able to extend sales into July if needed, this could allow counties to sell during most of the fairs this year. The calendar is for months of September 1, 2024–August 31, 2025.

Rules for the Missouri 4H/Missouri Friends of NRA Calendar Raffle

  • All sold calendar stubs will be entered into each drawing for the 104 firearms.
  • Drawings will be conducted for each Monday and each Thursday. Two firearm winners will be drawn for each week starting September 1, 2024 until all 104 prizes/firearms have been drawn.
  • Winners will be notified by email, phone and/or USPS mail.
  • You must be 21 years of age to enter.
  • All federal, state and local laws/regulations must be met prior to transferring any firearm. If the winner cannot pass the background check they will be given a $100 gift certificate.
  • All prizes/firearms must be claimed and picked up within 45 days after notification of winning at Cedar Falls Outdoors, Farmington, MO. Any firearm that is not picked up within the 45 days (unless other arrangements have been made and agreed upon) will revert back to the Missouri FNRA program. Dealer is subject to change.
  • No refunds will be offered on purchased calendars.
  • Winners must accept the prize/firearm as drawn.
  • If a particular firearm is not available as drawn an equal value prize/firearm will be substituted. This is at the discretion of the FNRA Committee.
  • Only the listed winner will be allowed to claim the prize. We will not allow the transfer of the prize to another person.
  • By participating, winners authorize their names for use in posting for promotional purposes.