State Shoot

The State 4-H Shooting Sports contest will be held over three weekends and at four separate locations (see below). It will be important to note these locations and distances during your registration of each entry in the contest. Registrations are non-refundable.

2020 State Shoots

2020 results have been posted.

COVID-19 has certainly changed our world and our 4-H programming across the state. 4-H educators and volunteers have made great efforts to find creative and safe ways to keep our youth engaged in 4-H learning. As we look ahead, we must keep in mind that there is no "one size fits all" timeline or method to reopen our state and our 4-H programs. Our State Shooting Sports Contest is one of the events that has been affected. As you know, this contest has typically been a very large event with high numbers of participants and spectators. The decision has been made that the 2020 Missouri 4-H State Shooting Sports contest will be held as virtual/postal matches. This includes all shooting sports disciplines and contests, plus we have added some new options for this year.

Registration for the contest will open August 1st and will close August 31st.

We will not charge a registration fee this year. The contestant will be expected to cover their own range fees and ammunition costs. Shirts will be available for a fee, as normal, and awards will be sent to the county offices after all scores have been tallied and verified.

State Shoot Ribbon Standards [DOC]

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    4-H youth enrolled in the Shooting Sports project can participate in the State Shoot in any division. Registration must be done through your 4HOnline profile in FairEntry. Registration opens on June 1 and the deadline for all August events is July 31st. The deadline for all September events is August 31st.

    Registration instructions (PDF)

    2020 Shoot Info (PDF)

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    Entry requirements

    4-H members will be considered eligible to participate in the Missouri 4-H State Shooting Sports State Match if they, and the county program, meet these requirements:

    • Contestants must have completed the project that he or she is competing in as of Aug. 31 of current 4-H year and must be enrolled in the discipline entered.
    • Each youth must qualify for state competition for each individual event by participating in a contest with the same rules as the state contest (see qualifying requirements below).
    • By their signature, the county youth specialist or youth program assistant is verifying that these requirements have been met.
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    Qualifying requirement

    Participation in an actual or simulated/mock contest under the instruction of an adult leader that is 4-H certified (certification current) is required for members to enter the state contest. The member must shoot the same course of fire, in the same event in the simulated contest as he or she will enter in the state contest. This may be an "official" county shoot, another county's shoot or simply a mock contest under the supervision of the certified leader. The same target, same distance, same rules, same range setup and same safety requirements as the state contest must be followed.

    A full list of the rules and requirements for the 4-H State Shoot can be found in the supplemental materials below, as well as directions, ribbon standards and how youth recognition at the county level works.

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    Rules and resources

    Discipline specific rules

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    Current and past results (PDFs)