Have you ever wanted to make something with wood? This project provide an opportunity for you to create and construct items using wood and wood working tools. From the basics of using a tape measurer and a hammer to advance equipment like routers and table saws, there's something for everyone. Have fun by learning new things and creating useful items.

Resources for all levels



W0871 Woodworking 1

  • Develop skills such as measuring, squaring and cutting a board, driving nails, and using clamps and screws
  • Learn safety rules, tool safety settings and how to use safety gear


W0872 Woodworking 2

  • Measure, cut, sand, drill, and use advanced hand and power tools
  • Learn the importance of proper sanding and finish application


W0873 Woodworking 3

  • Practice measuring angles, cutting dado and rabbet joints
  • Use a circular saw, a table saw and a radial arm saw


W0874 Woodworking 4

  • Use router, portable planer and a jointer
  • Make blind mortise, tenon joint and dovetail joints