A 4-H project for those who like hiking and camping! Progress from day hikes to overnight camping trips and then to extended backpacking expeditions as you hike through the three activity guides and helper's guide. Experiences relate to food, shelter, Leave No Trace ethics, safety, navigation, equipment and camp management.

Resources for all levels



OA761 Outdoor 1 (Hiking)

  • Explore hiking for a day
  • Learn about clothing needs
  • Learn how to pack a daypack
  • Learn how to read topographic maps, and orienteering skills


OA762 Outdoor 2 (Camping)

  • Basics of camping including shelter selection
  • Introduction to Leave No Trace camping skills
  • Learn how to pack a daypack
  • Learn outdoor cooking and environmental awareness and appreciation


OA763 Outdoor 3 (Backpacking)

  • Focus on being on the trail for extended periods of time
  • Learn clothing needs, tent setup, using backcountry stoves, basic nutrition, menu planning for multi-day hikes, personal hygiene and basic first aid