Demystify the "magic" of electric circuits, magnetism, motors and electronics. From building burglar alarms, learning how to select really good stereo and other consumer items. This project offers several opportunities for hands-on experiences and knowledge you will use in the future. Experience technology firsthand while learning communication and decision-making skills.

Resources for all levels



EL831 Electricity 1

Target audience: Grades 4-5

In this project explore:

  • Effects of magnetism
  • Insulation as it relates to electricity
  • How to build a flashlight, compass, electromagnet and electric motor


EL832 Electricity 2

Target audience: Grades 6-7

In this project:

  • Build circuits and test voltages
  • Build a rocket launcher
  • Build a burglar alarm


EL833 Electricity 3

Target audience: Grades 8-9

In this project:

  • Learn how to measure electrical usage
  • Learn how to replace electrical switches
  • Learn how to determine electrical loads
  • Evaluate light bulbs and test for electrical power


EL834 Electricity 4

Target audience: Grades 10-12

In this project:

  • Learn the basics of solid-state electronics
  • Understanding modern day electronic equipment through hands-on activities for practical experience. This unit is for the intermediate to advanced learner.


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