This project will help you learn about bees and beekeeping. You will learn about the types of bees, the honey and wax they produce, the plants that attract bees, and the equipment a beekeeper needs. If you want to set up your own hive, you'll learn basic beehive care, how to extract and bottle honey. Advanced topics include: increasing the number of your honey bee colonies, increasing honey production, producing special kinds of honey, and learning more about bee societies.

Resources for all levels



EN924 Beekeeping 1

Learn about:

  • Types of bees
  • Honey and wax
  • Plants that attract bees
  • Equipment needed by beekeepers


EN925 Beekeeping 2

  • Acquire a colony of bees and learn to care for a beehive throughout the year
  • Basic beekeeping operations that result in the production of extracted, chunk or cut comb honey


EN926 Beekeeping 3

  • Increase the number of your honey bee colonies
  • Increase honey production, producing special kinds of honey
  • Bee societies
  • Manage honey bee diseases and parasites