4-H kids wearing Healthy Habit smocks
Through a generous gift from Healthy Blue, the Missouri 4‑H Foundation offers grants of up to $500 to start new 4‑H Student Nutrition Advisory Council (SNAC) Clubs across the state.

Successful 4-H SNAC Clubs fulfill the following goals:

  • SNAC Clubs focus on projects including nutrition, gardening, and/or physical activity. Recommended curriculum includes Kids in the Kitchen, Eating from the Garden, Soccer for Success, iCook, and Illinois Junior Chef.
  • SNAC Club members will engage in a culminating youth-led advocacy project to promote healthy habits in their community and/or teach younger youth about healthy habits.
  • SNAC Club will reach a new 4-H audience such as an in-school or after-school site. Preference will be given to underserved audiences and 4th-12th grade levels.
  • SNAC Clubs incorporate leadership and citizenship skills central to 4-H.

Funds can support the following:

  • Supplies for youth advocacy projects: Examples include cameras for photo/video advocacy projects, building garden beds at a school or community center, or creating healthy recipe meal kits to distribute to local food pantries.
  • Supplies for marketing the program such as t-shirts or other promotional items for 4-H SNAC Club members. This will help establish a sense of belonging to the greater 4-H community.
  • Leadership experiences for 4-H SNAC Club members including regional and/or state events and the National 4-H Summit for Healthy Living.

How to request funds:

In order to be considered for a SNAC mini-grant, applications must:

  1. Be completed using the online Qualtrics SNAC grant application.
  2. Be signed by a 4-H youth specialist or YPA responsible for the county from which the proposal is submitted.
  3. If grant is awarded, 4-H faculty/staff must complete a mini-grant report form (see link below).

How to submit a summary:

  1. Within 30 days of project completion, please fill out this Qualtrics form.
  2. Pictures and press releases may go in the 4-H SNAC Teams group in folder number 7.
  3. Make a folder with your county name and add items to that folder.
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