Missouri State Fair 2022
August 11–21, 2022

Visit 4-H youth-owned businesses in Mizzou Central (Mo-Ag Theatre) at our Show-Me 4-H Wares booth. The booth will be open daily from 9:30 a.m. to 4 p.m.

4-H members can sign up to market and sell original products and services at the Show-Me 4-H Wares sales booth at the Missouri State Fair!

All 4-H youth ages 11–18 can sign up to sell on their own, or as a team. This year, we plan to give exhibitors a full 9:30 a.m. to 4 p.m. shift on one day of the fair to help them maximize their opportunities. All days of the fair, August 11–21, will be available as choices for exhibitors.

The youth marketplace is for business-minded 4-H’ers to gain confidence, apply public speaking and learn marketable skills while selling projects and earning their own money as entrepreneurs! 4-H’ers are not required to be enrolled in an entrepreneurship project in order to participate.

Registration fees go to cover program materials, venue expenses and administrative fees.

How to apply

Youth registration is open at 4-H Online June 1–July 1. Cost to register is $10. Register for one day per person or team.

We will provide a table, chairs, Show Me Wares sign and two vouchers for lunch. We will also provide a Sales Log for you to track sales as well as information on options for calculating sales tax. Participants are responsible for their own money to provide change for sales, a secure way to store it, receipts and sales tax owed to the state. Participants are also responsible for admission and parking fees.

Wi-Fi will not be available.

Types of registration:

  • Biz — Solo Youth
    • One youth (age 11–18) selling solo
  • Biz Teams
    • A team of 2–3 youth (11–18) selling together. Each team should appoint a Team Leader.
      • Biz Teams Leader — One youth per group who will be the main point of contact and leader of their team. Must be 11-18. Leaders will be responsible for sregistering in 4-H Online on behalf of their group.
      • Biz Teams Team Member — Up to 2 additional members of a team. Must be 11–18.

Applications include:

  • A brief description of the business
  • A sample photo of the 4-H product or service being sold
  • A sample business card, brochure or flyer (optional)

Details and application instructions are included on 4-H Online. Click on these links for more information about Missouri State Fair and 4-H events at the State Fair.

Show-Me 4-H Wares Year-Round

County 4-H programs, fairs, farmers markets or community groups can support enterprising 4-H’ers with a table, booth or pop-up shop at their events. For more info on 4-H youth marketplaces year-round, please contact Sage Eichenburch.