Robotics events


Through hands-on activities, the 4-H robotic competitions teach members skills related to robotic subsystems such as structure, power, sensors, control and programming that introduces science, math and engineering. Missouri 4-H holds exhibitions and competitions for kids to show their hard work, as well as volunteer trainings, youth camps and workshops for members to attend and strengthen their knowledge of the world of robotics!

Events and Opportunities

Missouri 4-H holds several trainings, competitions, and camps for those involved in STEM projects to participate in. Events will be updated here and on the calendar!

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    Volunteer Training

    Missouri 4-H Computer Science Pathways Workshop POSTPONED

    As we monitor the ongoing national response to the spread of the COVID-19 and keep public health as top priority, we have decided to postpone the Computer Science face to face trainings on March 28th and April 28th. We hope to reschedule and send out more information within the next several weeks.

    We would like you to encourage any interested parties to register for the webinars and trainings through 4-H Online. We will send updates and reminders to all registrants. These professional development opportunities are open to the public and are highly encourage for any professional working with youth.

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    Monthly Webinars

    Collaborate with others interested in computer science, learn tips and tricks from monthly guest speakers. First Wednesday each month at noon, starting April 1, 2020. Register on 4-HOnline.

    Schedule coming soon.

    For questions or more information, please contact Amanda Meek or Laura Evans.

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    Missouri 4-H STEM Extravaganza

    May 1, 2021 — We hope that in-person events will be possible but will continue to monitor and follow University of Missouri guidelines as we approach the event date.

    The Missouri 4-H STEM Extravaganza will allow 4-H members in the Robotics and Computer Science projects an opportunity to showcase the skills they have gained in teamwork, engineering, programming, and problem solving. There will be a few contests: RoboPet Challenge, Robot Exhibition, Computer Science contest, and STEM Projects Exhibition. Robot platforms include Lego Mindstorms, VEX IQ/EDR/V5, or any other appropriate robot meeting the requirements of the challenges. Interviews are part of the challenges. Participants may also have an educational display and/or demonstration.

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