The 4-H Interstate Exchange Program has a long history of providing youth and adults with opportunities to travel, host and learn about 4-H across the United States, while providing positive cultural experiences.

The Interstate Exchange program includes planning, participating, fundraising and hosting an Interstate Exchange over two consecutive summers. In Missouri, traveling happens in even years and hosting in odd years. We encourage volunteers, youth and staff to consider adding this unique program to their county 4-H program of activities. The Interstate Exchange program is sure to build confidence, friendships and skills that will last a lifetime.

Program goals

An Interstate Exchange will allow youth to become valued, contributing members of their community in partnership with caring adults.

From the experience, Missouri 4-H delegates will:

  • Learn more about themselves, their family, county and state.
  • Improve their intercultural competence by developing relationships that help them to appreciate differences.
  • Develop as individuals by interacting with people who may have practices, beliefs and customs different from their own.
  • Create new and lasting friendships
  • Discover their sparks.
  • Develop a sense of belonging with other youth.
  • Develop relationships with caring adults.
  • Have fun.

Program objectives

From the experience, Missouri 4-H delegates will gain leadership, citizenship and life skills.

  • Identify similarities and differences between their county and that of the host, as well as respective 4-H experiences.
  • Plan and conduct fundraising projects to cover the expenses of the exchange.
  • Demonstrate appropriate behavior (manners, attitude, hygiene, etc.) as part of the host family and/or while being hosted by another family.
  • Develop as leaders as they plan, lead and evaluate the program.
  • Participate in the planning of all Interstate Exchange activities.

Getting started

Each county handles its own Interstate Exchange programming. Contact your local MU Extension office for more information.

Missouri 4-H Interstate Exchange Handbook (PDF)

There is a National 4-H Interstate Exchange Facebook group for clubs looking for other clubs to exchange with. It is a closed group so you will need to join to view the content.