Fashion Revue

State 4-H Fashion Revue 2022

October 8, 2022
Columbia, MO

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The State 4-H Fashion Revue is open to any 4-H member that is selected as a winner of a county 4-H Fashion Revue. County rules or policies determine local project enrollment requirements. During county and state 4-H Fashion Revues, youth have the opportunity to demonstrate what they've learned about clothing construction, consumerism, appearance, grooming habits, clothing selections and more.

State 4-H Fashion Revue is a day-long event that will include hands-on educational workshops, one-on-one time with a set of judges, a keynote speaker from Fashion, Supply Chain or Textile industries and a Fashion Show that is open to all.

Each county may send one participant per category and age group for a maximum of 18 participants per county. For more information on categories, see below.

Objectives are to provide:

  • An opportunity to demonstrate skills and knowledge of clothing and textile construction and consumerism.
  • A reflection of the fashion trends of young people.
  • A learning experience in dressing and grooming for the "total" look.
  • An educational workshop for learning to project a smile, enthusiasm and poise, and help build self-confidence.
  • An opportunity for each 4-H participant to involve his or her special talents.
  • An educational program that may be adapted and reproduced at the county/area level.
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    Fashion Revue categories

    There are six different categories of competition:

    • Constructed Dressy — A garment/outfit constructed by the participant.*
    • Constructed Casual — A garment/outfit constructed by the participant.*
    • Purchased Dressy — A full outfit purchased by the participant.
    • Purchased Casual — A full outfit purchased by the participant.
    • Knit — an outfit built around a garment or set of garments made by the contestant using knitting techniques.
    • Crochet — an outfit built around a garment or set of garments made by the contestant using crochet techniques.

    Dressy & Casual are defined as:

    • Casual — for school and casual after school activities, such as spectator sports, picnics, and casual dates. Examples are: pants, jeans, skirts or shorts and tops, jumpsuit, casual or sporty dresses, skirts or pants with casual/sporty jackets, school coats, and coordinated separates. (No swim wear.)
    • Dressy — for ensembles worn to dressy activities such as church, dinner dates, theater, and job/scholarship interviews. Examples would be: slacks, blouses, blazers, and special occasion dresses.

    *To be eligible to attend Western National Roundup, Senior constructed participants must submit a full constructed outfit to the State Fashion Revue.

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    Participants in Constructed, Purchased, Knit & Crochet categories are judged on these general criteria:

    • Ability to demonstrate skills used to create a sewn, knitted or crocheted garment.
    • Ability to communicate and defend their choices.
    • Ability to demonstrate good financial decision-making skills.
    • Ability to exhibit poise and confidence.
    • Ability to create a finished look that reflects their personality.
    • Ability to exhibit the skills necessary to plan, select, and acquire clothing for different occasions.
    • Ability to select compatible and flattering accessories to wear with garment.
    • Ability to maintain good posture and exhibit good grooming habits.
    • Ability to create a cohesive ensemble in the particular fashion style chosen. This includes hairstyle, make-up, and accessories.

    One junior (age 8-10), one intermediate (age 11-13) and one senior (age 14-18) from each county may participate in each of the Constructed Casual, Constructed Dressy, Purchased Casual, Purchased Dressy, Knit & Crochet categories. Each county may send up to 18 Fashion Revue contestants.

    High-point individuals in each category and age division will receive awards at the awards ceremony following the Fashion Show.

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    Eligible youth must complete the registration within 4-H Online.

    County 4-H youth staff members must approve each registration verifying youth eligibility in 4-H Online.

    Online registration will open July 15 and close September 1, 2022. No late registrations will be accepted. No exceptions.

    Cost is $35 per youth (cost includes lunch).

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      Refund/cancelation policy

      Refunds will not be given for cancellations due to contestant withdrawal. In the event that Fashion Revue is cancelled or facilitated in a different format (virtually), the Missouri 4-H Center for Youth Development reserves the right not to issue refunds or to issue partial refunds.

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      Instructions for completing forms

      We need to know what participants will be wearing in the State 4-H Fashion Revue. Your ensemble and accessories should be the exact garment that won at the County level. No alterations are allowed. However, exceptions due to fit or damage to the original garment may be made as needed at the County level.

      A summary description of the outfit will be asked for during registration. (The back of the pattern envelope is a good source of descriptive terms for those in the Constructed categories).

      You must include one full-length, color photograph of you wearing the complete outfit (including accessories) that you will model at the State Fashion Revue. We recommend that this photo be taken at your 4-H county event. The photo is used for category placements and background information for the judges. The photo should be uploaded during registration.

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      Fashion Show Commentary

      Each contestant should write the commentary that they will walk to as they model their garment during the State 4-H Fashion Revue's Fashion Show. This commentary should be submitted as part of their registration in 4-H Online.

      Writing this commentary ahead of time gives each participant the opportunity to showcase their personality and their garments from their perspective. It also gives them something to practice their Fashion Show walk to and can help them recall what they hope to share with the judges during the judging process.

      Resources on how to write your commentary are shared in the Resources tab below!

    For eligibility or competition questions, contact Erin Stanley.

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    Special awards

    Garments made of 100% Cotton or more than 60% Wool will be eligible to win additional prizes donated by community donors. Please be sure to indicate your fabric content during registration.

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    More info soon!

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    Western National Roundup

    The top 2 highest scoring Senior Fashion Revue participants will be invited to represent Missouri 4-H at Western National Roundup in Denver, Colorado in January 2023!

    • Delegates to WNR 2023 will be selected by high score in the Constructed and Purchased categories.
    • More information will be shared soon!
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