The following publications cover topics related to Master Pollinator Steward. For a complete list of MU Extension publications, visit the main Publications page.

Native Insect Pollinators and Their Habitats


Bruce Barrett
Division of Plant Sciences

James Quinn
Regional Horticulture Specialist

Richard Houseman
formerly of Division of Plant Sciences

Damon Hall
School of Natural Resources

Honey Bees as Pollinators, Their Habitats and Products


Learn about the honey bee, from its life cycle, to its various races, to its pest problems, the benefits it provides, and how we can aid its success in this University of Missouri Extension guide. Become a Master Pollinator Steward!

Conserving Missouri's Wild and Managed Pollinators


Pollinators are critically important for natural ecosystems and crop production. Learn why pollinators are crucial, the major threats confronting them, conservation steps being taken, and how you can help in this University of Missouri Extension guide.



Gain a better understanding of the role of insects in the web of life and as pollinators, indicators of environmental quality, predators of harmful species, and potential threats to crops, homes and health in this Master Pollinator Steward guide.

Pollination Mechanisms and Plant-Pollinator Relationships


Pollination is one of the most fascinating processes in nature. Visit our site to learn about Pollination Mechanisms and Plant-Pollinator Relationships.