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Getting Started With Soil Health Testing in Missouri


Soil health sampling differs from soil fertility sampling. Soil health indicators focus on soil microorganisms and their habitat. Improving soil health will lead to a more sustainable agricultural system. Learn how to design a soil health sampling plan.

Grazing Cover Crops


There is a direct and easily tracked way of turning cover crops back into cash: grazing. Look at grazing cover crops from the perspectives of livestock owners and row crop farmers, and learn how to overcome some of the challenges that cover crops pose.

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Safe Storage and Handling of Grain


Storage and handling of large volumes of grain on Missouri farms is common. Increased storage capacities, larger and faster handling capacities and automation contribute to many potentially hazardous situations during the harvest and storage season. This guide sheet identifies many of them and suggests preventive measures that control or eliminate the hazardous exposure.

Low-Profile Bins for Grain Drying


David L. Williams
Department of Agricultural Engineering

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