The University of Missouri and the Missouri Department of Agriculture collaborate to provide a convenient venue for buying and selling hay. Our hay market listings include seller names, cities, counties and phone numbers. Sellers can be listed by either region or forage type. Bale type is included: small square, large square, small round, large round, baleage or other. The number of bales and approximate weight of each bale of hay is included, and information on whether the hay has been analyzed, crude protein, acid detergent fiber, neutral detergent fiber, relative feed value and percent total digestible nutrients may be included. A final area for notes catches information such as "First cutting," or "Don't call before 6 p.m." All listings are included in the Missouri Hay Directory. Hay listings remain in the market listing system for 60 days unless updated.

Access our hay list through the following links:

You may also list the hay you wish to sell by calling the Missouri Department of Agriculture at 573-751-5633 or visiting your county extension office.

Please email or call 573-882-4827 with any suggestions you have to improve the service or usefulness of the hay listings.