Engaged Neighbor Program

The Engaged Neighbor Program began in Greene County in 2019 and has grown to a statewide program. Efforts under the Engaged Neighbor Program name include classes, special events, presentations, partnerships, publications, an award-winning newsletter, and events like Missouri Good Neighbor Week, Show-Me Neighborhood Art Week and Won’t You Be My Neighbor Day. Being an Engaged Neighbor improves the safety and connectedness of our neighborhoods and communities, increases social capital and showcases asset-based community development.

Official Engaged Neighbor Program brochure

The word neighboring can mean different things to different people, communities and organizations. As a result, we have tried to bring some focus on the engaged neighbor program.

Engaged Neighbor Program Brochure (PDF)

Program overview

Get to know your neighbors

MU Extension is providing an easy to use chart that can help you get to know and remember your neighbors. The best thing you can do is to learn and use the names of your immediate neighbors. You may find this chart helpful.

Neighbor chart (PDF)

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