Demographic, Economic and Workforce Data Training

Demographic, Economic and Workforce Data Training gives your team fundamental skills in public information data collection, analysis and visualization.

The in-person training teaches attendees how to use data through hands-on exercises, demonstrations, data communications practice and other methods.

How will my organization benefit? 

  • This training will help organizations better respond to grant or other funding opportunities, assist businesses with understanding economic and workforce data, and do impactful planning and development work.
  • This applied learning opportunity will benefit professionals from utilities, chambers of commerce, governmental agencies, economic development organizations, workforce boards, community nonprofits, higher education institutions and other businesses by allowing them to better understand and analyze their local, regional or state economies.


MU Exceed has extensive data training experience and provides this service on contract. It can customize the data training curriculum for one- or two-day programs with as many as 30 attendees.

To prepare for the training, Exceed would collect the following information from you:

  • Key public data needs of participating organization(s)
  • Desired data skills (e.g., basic data analysis, contextualization, visualization) to learn
  • Number of trainees and time and space availability

Exceed would provide the following deliverables:

  • Customized curriculum that targets data and skill needs
  • A one- or two-day in-person training that uses hands-on approaches (e.g., scenario discussions, practical exercises, findings presentations) to instill learning
  • Copies of all training materials and data resources provided to trainees
  • Results from a trainee satisfaction survey provided to sponsoring organization(s)

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