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We are excited to offer future rural physicians an online educational experience that brings contexts forward that are not always visible to the eye. Community Health Engagement and Outreach developed and designed 5 educational modules by leveraging expertise across various disciplines accessible across the University of Missouri campus and within MU Extension on topics including Health Inequities, Food Security, Elder Mistreatment, Intimate Partner Violence and Relationships as a Health Issue.

HOPE Mobile Unit Training

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Welcome to Mobile Health Unit Screening & Training resource modules. This self-paced course is offered as an open educational library of resources. The course contains a compilation of helpful resources and tips to assist with creation of a Mobile Health Unit or expansion of services.

Recovery Friendly Workplace Designation

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This course is designed to take businesses, employers, human resource officers, and/or designated staff through the process of being a Recovery Friendly Workplace.

Mobile Health Unit Community Education

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Welcome to the Mobile Health Unit Community Health Education Resource Module. These modules are designed to support you in your health and wellness journey. Information is organized by topic and should be easily accessible from a laptop or through the canvas mobile phone app.