Maximize your pond's potential

COLUMBIA, Mo. – Managing a pond or lake for sport fishing takes time, resources and a year-round commitment. Timing is crucial for many pond and lake management practices. The approaching spring is an ideal time in Missouri to evaluate and determine if ponds need to be stocked or restocked, said Robert Pierce, associate extension professor in fisheries and wildlife at the University of Missouri.

Successful fish farming in Missouri

COLUMBIA, Mo. – Successful fish farming in Missouri depends on identifying and serving market niches, according to an updated guide from University of Missouri Extension. “There are a lot of successful aquaculture businesses in Missouri,” said Ryan Milhollin, MU Extension agribusiness management specialist. “Each business has found its market niche.”

Missouri farmers can profit using modern, sustainable aquaculture technology

COLUMBIA, Mo. – Ninety percent of the U.S. seafood supply is imported, mostly from China and Southeast Asia. Around 25% of U.S. wild-caught fish are exported to Asia for processing and then reimported to the U.S. “Adapting improved fish and shrimp production technologies offers significant opportunity for Missouri farmers to profit from farm-raised fish and seafood,” says David Brune, aquaculture specialist and extension professor at…