Show-Me Strong Farm Families

In order to address mental health crises in rural areas, MU Extension has compiled the following mental health resources for consumers and professionals.

We have a team of specialists working to address these issues and the needs associated with them:

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  • Coping with Disaster or Trauma

    • Couple surveying the scene after a disaster
    • Disasters and traumatic events take a toll on everyone involved. Stress, anxiety and depression are common reactions after a disaster.
    • Here are resources to help survivors, first responders and health care practitioners who are dealing with the aftermath of a disaster or traumatic event.
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  • Suicide Prevention

    • Older male farmer deep in thought
    • Although suicide affects every geographic region in the U.S., research suggests rural populations face persistent and widening increases in suicide.
    • These resources can help with recognizing and addressing stress and mental health issues, suicide-proofing your home, coping after losing a loved one to suicide, and more.
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  • Substance Abuse Prevention

    • Man comforting an upset friend
    • Substance abuse can be especially hard to combat in rural communities due to limited resources for prevention, treatment and recovery.
    • The resources provided here are intended to help communities address substance abuse issues and spread substance abuse prevention messaging.
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Show-Me Strong Farm Families is supported by funds from the North Central Farm and Ranch Stress Alliance Center (NCFRSAC), USDA NIFA grant number 2020-70028-32728.