A Matter of Balance FAQ

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    Who should attend?

    The program is designed to benefit older adults who:

    • Are concerned about falls.
    • Have sustained falls in the past.
    • Restrict activities because of concerns about falling.
    • Are interested in improving flexibility, balance and strength.
    • Are age 60 or older, community dwelling and able to problem solve.
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    Are falls common?

    • Yes, every second of every day an older adult falls.
    • One-half to two-thirds of falls occur around the home.
    • Falls usually aren’t caused by just one issue. It’s a combination of factors.
    • A large portion of falls are preventable.
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    What happens in class?

    • Group discussion. Everything said in class is kept confidential.
    • Problem-solving/practical solutions shared.
    • Skill building.
    • Assertiveness training.
    • Light exercises and stretches are all performed with your own body weight. No external weights or bands are used in this class.
    • Videos.
    • Visit from a guest health care professional.
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    What do participants say about the program?

    • They have increased confidence in taking a walk, climbing stairs and carrying loads without falling.
    • More confident that they can increase strength, find ways to reduce falls and protect themselves if they do fall.
    • Increase the amount they exercise regularly.
    • Have fewer falls after taking the course.